Shopping Guide

High Fiber, Low Fat, Low Glycemic Food List/Grocery Shopping Guide

Snacks and Meals
• Do not be hungry, or you may end up eating larger quantities of the wrong foods. You should always eat to feel satisfied with the lower glycemic foods.

You can eat unlimited amounts of these foods:
(Not breaded, buttered or fried; they should be sautéed or steamed)
* without the skin

Broccoli Celery Bell Pepper
Green Beans Asparagus Hot Peppers
Lettuce Okra Spinach
Cauliflower Salad Greens Zucchini
Cabbage Cucumber Radish
Fish Turkey* Chicken*

• If you are hungry use the above vegetables, fish or poultry for additional servings.
• For all other food please read labels for calories, sugar and fat content. Calories should be no more than 100-300 per serving, of that item.
• Both sugar and fat content should be as close to 0 as possible ( 0 is better than 5 which is better than 10 )
• Use beets, carrots, tomatoes, snap peas, lima beans and orange squash in ½ cup servings as they may have significant sugar content.
• Fish is better than Poultry which is better than Red Meat.
• Use lunch meats (Processed meats) sparingly as they tend to have higher sugar and fat content.
• Please use light salad dressings (20-100 calories per serving). [Light Vinaigrette, Light Italian]
• For all juices, yogurts, and bread, try the light brand versions. They generally have ½ the sugar, fat, and calorie content compared to the regular brands. [For example: Tropicana Light ‘n Healthy Juice, Minute Maid Light Juice, Welch Light Juice, Pepperidge Farm Light Bread, Wonder Light Bread, Dannon’s Light-n-Fit Yogurt, Yoplait Light Yogurt]
• Watch for Pita bread and wraps that are greater than 100 calories per serving; when greater than 100 cut the serving size accordingly.
• Try cereals and oatmeal with 0-2 gm sugar per serving. [Plain Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Plain Oatmeal]
• Low sugar breakfast bars generally have 90-100 calories and 3-5 gm sugar. [Quaker Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate (25% less sugar) Granola Bars, Kashi Almond Cereal Bars]
• Skim Milk has about 90 calories per serving, 9 gm sugar, and 0 gm fat. These contents are less than in 1% milk which are lower then in 2% milk which are lower than in whole milk.
• Try Plain Low Fat Light soy milk that has about 2 gms of sugar and can be found on the same shelf as regular milk. [8th Continent Light, Original Soy Milk]
• Soy Cheese has lower sugar content than milk based cheese. Use light brands of cheese (1-2% milk instead of regular cheese). [Vegetable Slices, Kraft Light Cheese]
• Be careful with sugar free chocolates. (Read the labels for calorie and fat contents)
• Use light brands of fat free cottage cheese and Ricotta cheese.
• Use vegetable burgers, (Boca Burgers, Garden Burgers) which have lower calorie content (about 100-150 calories per serving) compared to meat burgers (about 150-300 calories per serving).
• Eat ½ a piece of fruit at a time. (Fruit is a significant source of sugar).

Eat as little as possible of:(100-300 calories per serving)

Regular Bread Donuts Pasta
Potato Rice Regular Desserts
Corn Pizza Bagels
Pie Cookies Cake
Regular ice cream

• Use nuts - walnuts, peanuts, almonds: (100-300 calorie servings)
• If you eat ice cream try the lighter brands (About 100 calories, 0 gm fat, 4gms of sugar per serving). [Healthy Choice Ice Cream, Breyer Light]
• Use Splenda, Equal, Sweet ‘N Low instead of sugar.
• Use canola, olive, vegetable, or peanut oils (100-300 calories). Use margarines sparingly. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats.
• Try Healthy Choice or South Beach Frozen Dinners (Turkey, Vegetables). (About 300 calories, 5-6 gm sugar, 3-4 gm fat)